The Divine Spy Flick

This is a remake of our old friend Heart Hell High. More information to come, soon as Robin gets off his lazy butt and types something up.


Session 01: Welcome to Area 51
Session 02: Warning, Warning! Danger, GCI Cadets!
Session 03: Attack of the OCRs!
Session 04: Grandma's House
Session 05: Saturday in the Park
Session 06: "And you thought your school lab was bad..."
Session 07: "So, you got sent to the office too, huh?"
Session 08: Over the Edge
Session 09: Eat This, Veggies!
Session 10: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Session 11: Xivilai and the Castle of DOOM
Session 12: A Look Into... THE FUTURE!
Session 13: The Search for Shiori
Session 14: Early Morning Field Trip
Session 15: Espionage is hard! Let's go shopping!
Session 16A: Business Management 1
Session 16B: Business Management 2
Session 17A: N00BZ SUXX0R
Session 17B: "These are not the Illuminati you are looking for."
Session 18: Showdown at the Togo-K Corral
Session 19: "Hopeless missions are the best."
Session 20: The Chibi Limits: Part 1
Session 21: The Chibi Limits: Part 2
Session 22: The Chibi Limits: Part 3
Session 23: The Chibi Limits: Part 4
Session 24: Christmas at Ground Zero
Session 25: Chicken Soup for the Soul
Session 26: Viva la Resistance!
Session 27: Japan: The City of Angst
Session 28: Hong Kong: Hong Kong Scramble
Session 29: France: Follow the Blinking Dot!
Session 30: United States: Setup
Session 31: NORAD - The Greatest Amusement Park Ever


A number of pictures that apply to this campaign can be found here.

Officer's Uniform Sketch, by Robin Strickland
Jacqueline Cardinaux, lineart by Alison Rementer, and coloring by Miguel Nieves

Other Stuff

ChibiRPG Stats, compiled by Chamelaeon

Back! Back, foul demons of the netherworld!

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