Age of Chibi

Gamemaster: Robin Strickland

One thousand years ago, superstition and the sword ruled.
It was a time of darkness. It was a world of fear.
It was the age... of Chibi.

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Table of Contents

Author's Introduction

Book One - How to Make Friends
Book One Preface
Chapter One: The Beginning
Chapter Two: Ada's Quest
Chapter Three: Castle Black
Chapter Four: The Great Weapons
Chapter Five: Serioli Outpost
Chapter Six: Planning
Chapter Seven: The Flea on the Lion
Chapter Eight: Shelter from the Storm
Chapter Nine: Plaguebringer's Poison
Chapter Ten: Human Magic
Chapter Eleven: Two of a Kind
Chapter Twelve: Bandits' End
Chapter Thirteen: Curse of Solomon
Chapter Fourteen: Menevia
Chapter Fifteen: Handling Friyas: Part One Market Trip
Chapter Sixteen: Nebrinel's Curse
Chapter Seventeen: Handling Friyas: Part Two
Chapter Eighteen: Friyas' Tower: Part One
Chapter Nineteen: Friyas' Tower: Part Two The Inhabited Staff
Chapter Twenty: Friyas' Tower: Part Three
Chapter Twenty-One: Friyas' Tower: Aftermath
Chapter Twenty-Two: The Staff's Charge
Chapter Twenty-Three: The Battle of Menevia Malak's Hole in the Wall Ada and Mario
Chapter Twenty-Four: Escape from Menevia
Chapter Twenty-Five: A Mysterious Cave
Chapter Twenty-Six: Ethan's Engagement
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Faydra's Stronghold
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Faydra's Guardian
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Faydra's Freedom

Book Two - War and Pieces
Book Two Preface
Chapter One: Xivilai's Appearance Contact with Xivilai
Chapter Two: Free Spirits
Chapter Three: Sneak Attack
Chapter Four: Noodling Around
Chapter Five: Heartfelt Arrows Nebrinel and Ada
Chapter Six: Fyril's Story
Chapter Seven: Target Practice
Chapter Eight: Xivilai's Offer
Chapter Nine: Semi-Peaceful Reunion Recipe Search
Chapter Ten: The Red Horn Company
Chapter Eleven: Fyril's Assignment Nebrinel's Rebirth Sei's Test Spit it out!
Chapter Twelve: Nebrinel's Rebirth: Aftermath
Chapter Thirteen: Nebrinel's Recovery
Chapter Fourteen: Meet the Messmates
Chapter Fifteen: Kisses Before Rain
Chapter Sixteen: Skirmish at Daybreak
Chapter Seventeen: Skirmish at Daybreak: Aftermath
Chapter Eighteen: Fyril's First Archery Lesson
Chapter Nineteen: Plans at Dusk
Chapter Twenty: Love (and Kerosene) is in the Air
Chapter Twenty-One: Fireside Chat
Chapter Twenty-Two: Marching and You
Chapter Twenty-Three: Elven Chess
Chapter Twenty-Four: Blue Moon Rising
Chapter Twenty-Five: Prelude to Battle
Chapter Twenty-Six: Faydra's End
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Simple Chivalry
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Faydra's End: Aftermath

Book Three - Dealing with Upper Management
Book Three Preface
Chapter One: Future Plans Nebrinel's Reward
Chapter Two: Together Again
Chapter Three: The Tulgey Wood
Chapter Four: Lost Family
Chapter Five: Witches' Cookies
Chapter Six: Sensitive Guys
Chapter Seven: Nighttime Chatter
Chapter Eight: Jordan's Wisdom
Chapter Nine: Assassin's Warning
Chapter Ten: Blood Moon
Chapter Eleven: Xivilai's Explanation
Chapter Twelve: Thicker than Water Forest's Defense Ruined Cake
Chapter Thirteen: The Demon's Escape
Chapter Fourteen: Words of the Dead
Chapter Fifteen: (Talk and Black Peak)

Book Four -
Book Four Preface
Chapter One: (Dinner and Exposition)
Chapter Two: (More Dinner and Exposition)
Chapter Three: (Library) Reflection
Chapter Four: (Ethan vs. Xivilai)
Chapter Five: (Ada and Nebrinel Deal)
Chapter Six: (Fyril Flees!)
Chapter Seven: (The Library - Again)
Chapter Eight: (Ethan/Sei Spar - 79)
Chapter Nine: (Nebrinel/Sei Healing Magic)
Chapter Ten: (Ethan/Nebrinel Spar)
Chapter Eleven: (Tree By The Sea Part 1)
Chapter Twelve: (Tree By The Sea Part 2)
Chapter Thirteen: (Tree By The Sea Part 3)
Chapter Fourteen: Warrior's Faith
Chapter Fifteen: The Mind's Eye


Lady Xivilai, by Robin Strickland
Padomay, by Robin Strickland
Ada, by Robin Strickland
Skirmish Layout, by Robin Strickland

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