Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Gamemaster: Ardweden

Sessions every other Tuesday at 9:00 US Central.
irc.sandwich.net, #secondstring

     1. Chivalry Isn't Dead
     2. Confessions of a Catholic Schoolgirl
     1. A Warm Welcome
     2. Quiet Conversation
     1. Dance Fever
     2. Once Upon A Dream
     1. Eat Great, Even Late
     2. Imports! And Pets!
     1. The Man for the Job
     2. Teachers vs. Doughnuts

1. School's in Session | Ready Set Vend! | Krista's New Friend
     1. The Great Gym Escape
     2. They Stand Together
     3. Krista Fails to Help
     4. Artists are Creepy
2. The Second Day | Luke's Got Answers | Ooh, Sprinkles!
     1. Gossip at the Office
     2. Gossip on the Phone
3. To Believe or Not To Believe | Ivy's Escape | Ever Stranger
     1. Pointing Fingers
4. Teachers Know Best | Fear and Worry in the Playground
     1. Visiting Hours: Part 1
     2. Visiting Hours: Part 2
5. Get Well Soon!
     1. Considering Camila's Condition
6. Lunchroom Politics | Red All Over
     1. Leave the Rest Alone
     2. An After School Pep Talk
7. Christy's English 3 Convention | Stupid Books | Another Luke!
     1. A Demonic Fable
8. Shaking the Formula | Catching Jeremy
     1. Lunch with Luke Mendel
     2. Alter Funiculus
9. Literary What? | Krista Calls for Back Up
10. Food Brings People Together | Decoding Shakespeare | Tabby's Got Problems
11. Vampire's Night Out | In The Wendy's | Questing for Noodles | Totally Spies! | What? No Mogwai?
     1. Occasional Parental Supervision

Krista Larson, the nerd, played by Mechalink
Charlotte Matthews, the gangster, played by Brett
Luke Mendel, the teacher, played by Nicolas
Ivy Thorne, the freak, played by Summer
Veronica Winters, the jock, played by Rowyn

Opening: The Rasmus, "In the Shadows"
Closing: Green Day, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

Krista: Jewel, "Hands"
Charlotte: The Rasmus, "In My Life"
Ivy (1): Stone Sour, "Bother"
Ivy (2): Traci Lords, "Distant Land"
Veronica: Narcotic Thrust, "I Like It"

Veronica Winters, by Rowyn
Krista Larson, by Mechalink
Luke Mendel, by Ardweden
Ivy Thorne, by Kristen
Charlotte Matthews, by Brett
Chibi Characters: Krista, Charlotte, Luke, Ivy, Veronica, by Ardweden and RDMgryphon
Chibi LJ Icons: Krista, Charlotte, Luke, Ivy, Veronica, by Ardweden and RDMgryphon

Gail Balen, by Kristen

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